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Mermaid Terrarium Kit – Artificial Succulent 7″ Glass Dome Figurine

Mermaid Terrarium Kit – Artificial Succulent 7″ Glass Dome Figurine

Mermaid terrarium Kit includes: 7″x 7″x 4.3″ dome shaped glass container Mermaid figurine Blue Agate slice for water effect Gravel All plants shown in photo Instructions, step by step assembly photos & photo of finished terrarium included with kit. Simple assembly instructions: First add sand to the container Place the large plants in the back creating a background Work forward & around the sides placing the remaining plants as shown in the photo, or arrange them to your liking. Plants have small stems on the bottom that poke into the sand securing them into place. It’s that easy! Have fun & enjoy! If you live in the Dallas Tx metroplex area message me to arrange pick-up for fully assembled terrarium I do take requests for more personalized terrariums. If you have an idea of one that you would like let me know & I will work with you to create what you are looking for. Visit my shop to see more artificial succulent terrariums Mermaid Terrarium Kit – Artificial Succulent 7″ Glass Dome Figurine

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