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Wooden World Map Travel Preserved Moss Led Weltkarte Holz Wall Art New Home Gift For Couple Mothers Day

Wooden World Map Travel Preserved Moss Led Weltkarte Holz Wall Art New Home Gift For Couple Mothers Day

Wooden World Map Preserved Moss Travel World Map by Led Map Weltkarte Holz World Map Wall Art New Home Playroom Gift For Couple Easter Gift Welcome to Led Map! WALL WOODEN WORLD MAP WITH MOSS & BACKLIGHT Make your wall a piece of art with our World Maps! Our wooden map with moss was created to make your apartment or office very, very beautiful (we checked). She replaced the old boring empty walls. It is hundreds of times better than any picture & much more interesting than photo frames. ⠀ All other maps of the world are already fluttering before her. This Wooden World Map was created to become the perfect present for travellers with great taste in interior design. Explore the world from the comfort of your own home with our Map! ASSEMBLY: ✔ You’ll need around 1 hours for assembly, which can be a great way to spend time with family & friends. ✔ Maps are placed on the wall by drilling to the wall on furniture buttons. ✔ The map can be removed from wall without damage if it’s done carefully. Message for instructions. ⚠ ADDITIONAL FEES & CUSTOMS DUTIES ⚠ Please NOTICE that due to big dimensions of the package you will pay customs & import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on your country’s laws. We are not responsible for them. You can check the approximate customs fee on the link https://www.simplyduty.com/#calc WORLD MAP SIZES: ✔ XS – 100 cm x 60 cm (39″x24″) ✔ S – 120 cm x 70 cm (47″x28″) ✔ M – 150 cm x 90 cm (59″x35″) ✔ L – 170 cm x 100 cm (67″x39″) ✔ XL – 200 cm x 120 cm (79″x47″) ✔ XXL – 250 cm x 150 cm (98″x59”) TYPES OF WORLD MAPS: ✔ Blank ✔ Countries ✔ Countries + Capitals of countries ✔ Countries + Capitals of countries + States TYPES OF BACKLIGHT: ✔ WARM ✔ COLD ✔ MULTICOLORED EQUIPMENT: The map comes complete with a Transformer & a backlight control panel. FREE VISUALIZATION: We can offer each client a visualization of the map in his interior. To do this, you need to get: ✔ a photo of the wall “Straight” ✔ the size of the wall ✔ wishes for color, size, lighting FREE WIRE PINOUT CIRCUIT: For our clients, we make a scheme according to which they lead out the wires on the wall. To develop a scheme, you need to know the dimensions of the wall & the selected map size. ♡ Thanks for shopping at Led Map! Wooden World Map Travel Preserved Moss Led Weltkarte Holz Wall Art New Home Gift For Couple Mothers Day

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