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Terrarium Accessories and Decorations

Create unique and inspiring themed terrariums. There are lots of decorations and accessories you can use to create miniature terrarium worlds.

Moss Tiles – Reindeer Moss Wall

Alocasia frydek Stained Glass Leaves

TerraLight Display Lamp for Terrariums

Iron Art Hydroponic Wall Vases

Fairy Garden Dragon for Terrariums

1/2 lb Crushed Citrine Crystals – Bulk Raw Gemstone Chips Small Rough Healing Stones Medium Grain Size 8 Oz

Fairy Garden Miniature Tiny Duck Animal Figurines Supplies & Accessories Terrarium

Miniature Fairy Small Stairs Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

Miniature Small Cardinal , Animal Figurines Red Bird Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories Diy

Miniature Fairy Two Frogs Playing Music On Trunk Animal Figurines Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium

16Pcs Miniature Fairy Small Table Chairs & 13Pcs Cola Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

5Pcs Fairy Garden Accessories Mini The Great Wall , & Figurines, Miniature Gardening, Terrarium Supply

Popular Terrarium Gifts

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The foundation of any quality terrarium is the terrarium container itself. This can be anything from an old fish bowl to a clear glass jar or vase. Just make sure that it is see-through, so you can enjoy the view of your terrarium! Terrariums make a fantastic gift for plant and terrarium enthusaists, and anyone who enjoys appreciating the wonders of nature. 

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Preserved moss terrariums offer a unique way to add a pop of color and texture to any room. These miniature gardens are made with preserved moss, which is a type of real moss that has been dried, dyed, and preserved. This makes it perfect for creating beautiful little ecosystems that are low maintenance and require no watering or pruning.

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Terrariums are becoming increasingly popular as a delightful way to enjoy the beauty of plants within the home or office. Terrarium plants make great gifts for plant and terrarium enthusiasts, with many species of plants that are perfectly suited to living in these miniature worlds. Terrarium owners will always appreciate a new terrarium plant as well!

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Terrarium kits make a great gift idea because they are fun and creative, while also being relatively easy to take care of. They don’t require a lot of equipment or experience to manage, and most kits come with everything needed to assemble the terrarium within the box. There is a huge range of terrarium kits put together by local terrarium enthusiasts available on Etsy

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Terrarium tools are an ideal gift for terrarium enthusiasts because they provide the necessary tools to care for and maintain their terrariums. These tools range from small tweezers and scissors to large spray bottles and hand cultivators, all designed to help maintain a healthy terrarium environment. Read more in our Terrarium Building Essentials guide. 

Themed Terrariums

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Themed terrariums make a great personalised gift for that someone special. Popular terrarium themes include Pokemon terrariums, rainforest terrariums, fairy garden terrariums, and more. You can find a range of premade terrariums online – Etsy is a great place to look for local and online terrarium creators. 

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