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Sleek and Stylish NCYP Glass Terrariums

The seamless terrarium designs and simple geometric lines of NCYP terrariums create a contemporary look that adds flair to any space.

NCYP Glass Terrariums are the perfect choice for adding a touch of nature to your décor. NCYP offer a range of stylish geometric terrariums and terrarium deals online.

NCYP glass terrariums are stylish, modern and versatile decorations that can be used to bring nature into any type of home or office. These terrariums come in a variety of sizes and shapes, most with a side door for easy access to your terrarium plants.

About NCYP Garden and NCYP Terrariums

NCYP Garden is a company dedicated to creating modern, stylish glass terrariums. The NCYP team has designed and manufactured seamless glass terrariums for home decor of all kinds. Their mission is to provide customers with beautiful living space that’s easy to assemble, customize, and maintain. Each piece is designed with cutting-edge technology and precision craftsmanship. They take pride in their products being strong, durable, and incredibly stylish. From intricate patterned panels to natural woods and soft brass accents, every terrarium will bring beauty into any room.

The seamless terrarium designs and simple geometric lines of NCYP terrariums create a contemporary look that adds flair to any space. Many also feature side doors and slide latches for easy access and maintenance, making them an ideal choice for those looking to bring a touch of style to their home.

NCYP Terrarium Sizes, Shapes and Design

NCYP terrariums come in a variety of different sizes and shapes to suit any space. You can choose from mini rectangular and cube terrariums, medium-sized hexagons, as well as large diamond-shaped terrariums. A side door and slide latch make foraccess easy, while glass panels are soldered together by tin for added durability.

NCYP Open Geometric Glass Terrarium Irregular Tall Planter Succulent Cacti Fern Flower Pot Container Tabletop Bowl Bonsai Centerpiece

Geometric terrariums: A geometric terrarium is a type of glass container designed to house plants, succulents, and other small decorations. Geometric terrariums come in different shapes such as cubes, hexagons, and diamonds and are usually made with thick glass panels that are soldered together using tin for added durability. They also feature side doors and slide latches for easy access, making them the perfect choice for creating a unique garden indoors.

NCYP Close Geometric Glass Terrarium with Door, Tin Sealed  Rectangle Tall Moss wall Planter for Moss Wall, Fern, Landscape

Rectangular terrariums provide a modern look and fit in well with both traditional and modern spaces. Additionally, rectangular terrariums are typically larger than other shapes and allow for more space inside – meaning you can create an impressive display with multiple plants if you want. The two sides of the rectangle also give the room a symmetrical shape, creating visual balance in the space. Plus, most rectangular terrariums come with either a door on the front or top for easy access during maintenance.

NCYP Vintage House Geometric Terrarium Tin Sealed Chest Planter Succulent Centerpiece Wedding

Mini and Cube Terrariums – A mini size to fit into any tight area, these terrariums have thick glass walls that are soldered together with tin for added longevity. They feature a side door and slide latch for easy access when maintaining your garden.

Diamond-Shaped Terrariums – Diamond shaped terrariums provide plenty of room for both plants and decorations. Doors on the side make it easier to reach inside and tend to your greenery while keeping dirt out.

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