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Bring Nature Into Your Home with a Vertical Garden Terrarium

Terrariums are perfect for creating unique, eye-catching designs in the style of a vertical garden.

Creating an eye-catching vertical garden can be a great way to spruce up any living space and bring some much-needed greenery into your home. If you’ve been looking for a creative, easy-to-maintain way to liven up your living area, then look no further than a vertical garden terrarium..

What Is a Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden is simply a wall or other vertical structure that is used to grow plants of various shapes and sizes. These gardens come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny planters hung on walls to larger ones taking up entire walls or even ceilings. They are often created using trellises or other structures that provide support for the plants and give them something to climb on. The goal of a vertical garden is to create an aesthetically pleasing display with minimal effort and upkeep.

How Does A Terrarium Fit In?

Terrariums are perfect for creating unique, eye-catching designs with your vertical garden. You can use terrariums of different sizes and shapes in order to create interesting patterns within your vertical garden that will draw the eyes of anyone who passes by it. Plus, they are low-maintenance since they don’t require too much watering or pruning. All you need to do is find the right type of terrarium for your desired design and fill it with soil, pebbles, plants, etc., as desired.

Tips For Creating An Eye-Catching Design

Once you have chosen the type of terrarium you want to use in your vertical garden, there are some tips you can follow in order to create an eye-catching design with it:

  • Choose plants that contrast each other in terms of color and texture; this will help create visual interest within the design. Check out our terrarium plant library for some ideas.
  • Play around with different lighting sources (natural or artificial) so as to create different effects throughout the day; this will keep things interesting even when nothing else changes in the design!
  • Use accessories such as rocks or figurines if you want to add something unique into your design; these small details can make all the difference when it comes time for others to appreciate your masterpiece!

Terrarium Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Layered Plant Terrarium Garden – Layer different types of terrarium plants in various colors to create a stunning visual effect with minimal maintenance requirements.

Living Wall Terrariums – Place multiple terrariums side by side to form living walls that can be decorated with vines, herbs and other small plants for an on-trend look that is sure to draw attention.

Tropical Oasis Terrarium – Create a tropical oasis in your home using a large terrarium filled with orchids, palms, and other tropical plants. Layer smaller plants and mosses in front, and build height in the back with taller plants.

Preserved Moss Terrariums by TerraLiving

Preserved Moss Terrarium – Use preserved moss along with succulents and air plants to create an interesting terrarium design. This look is great if you want a unique, low-maintenance terrarium. TerraLiving has created some amazing preserved moss terrariums you can buy online.

You can read more about terrarium design on our Terrarium Design Ideas page.

Where can I get my supplies?

You can find all the supplies you need for your vertical garden terrarium at most home and garden stores. If you’re having trouble finding something specific or want to save some money, try looking online for deals or second-hand items. Etsy is a great resource for finding unique and handcrafted items that are perfect for adding some character to your vertical garden terrarium. Some items from Etsy you might consider include:

Finally, don’t forget about the tools you will need for maintenance, such as pruning shears and gloves. This should help ensure your vertical garden terrarium stays looking great over time. Read more about terrarium tools and supplies on our Essential Terrarium Supplies page.

Creating a vertical garden using a terrarium is an easy yet effective way of bringing nature into your home while also creating an eye-catching display within any room of choice. Plus, these projects are quite low maintenance compared to traditional gardens so they make perfect choices for those who don’t have too much time on their hands but still want something beautiful in their living space!

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