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Preserved Moss Wall Art Piece, Home Decor, Reindeer Art, Perfect Office Decor

Preserved Moss Wall Art Piece, Home Decor, Reindeer Art, Perfect Office Decor

3D Art Moss to Inspire Your Space. Three-dimensional art with Preserved is a great way to add some interest to a space in your home or create a focal point. It can be mixed in with more traditional 2-D art pieces or featured all on its own; there are really no rules here. I hope you enjoy my 3D moss art & keep checking back! 100% natural, preserved moss creations perfect for your home or business. The moss looks & feels alive with soft textures, flexibility, & vibrant colors, maintaining its natural details & shapes for years. It doesn’t require water, pruning, sunlight, upkeep, or chemicals & doesn’t attract insects, it also does not produce pollen or spores. + All natural – Hand-selected & picked from forests. + Maintenance free – No water, pruning, or upkeep needed. + Sound Absorbing – Helps absorb sound in open spaces + Air Purify – Cleanses the air of toxins we would otherwise breathe. + Environment friendly – The Moss Frame Art is a hand-made item so could slightly differ from the pictures TIDBITS: – Each piece made, will have slight variations – I use a solid wood frame that I paint white. – Size 24″x 20″ – Best to keep out of direct sunlight, that way the moss will stay vibrant for a long time – Don’t let it get wet, but bathroom moisture is okay Preserved Moss Wall Art Piece, Home Decor, Reindeer Art, Perfect Office Decor

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