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Coco Peat – Terrarium Supplies Soil Substrates To Build A Moss Substitute Potting Mix

Coco Peat – Terrarium Supplies Soil Substrates To Build A Moss Substitute Potting Mix

Coco peat is a great addition to many different substrates. We combine it with worm castings & orchid bark compost for our hand blended terrarium mix. This mix is also brilliant for houseplants. It’s a sustainable substitute for peat moss with excellent water retention & aeration capabilities. Benefits: Increased water capacity: It increases the water holding capacity of substrates, which increases the porosity of it. this means that there less chance of over or underwatering. It is also hydrophilic, meaning it is very east to rewet & absorbs water quickly. Trichoderma: Coco Peat promotes the growth of good bacteria & fungi due to the natural trichoderma present in it. Renewability: Coco peat is a by product of coconut harvesting. It’s a resource that is readily available & extremely renewable. PLEASE NOTE: Due to Australian biosecurity laws, we cannot post to WA, NT or TAS. You May Also Like: Terrarium Tools https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/FlowerandTwigNursery?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1250185902§ion_id=38785595 Coco Peat – Terrarium Supplies Soil Substrates To Build A Moss Substitute Potting Mix

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