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stained Glass Geometric Copper Terrarium Container | Modern Home Decor

stained Glass Geometric Copper Terrarium Container | Modern Home Decor

Meet Dodecahedron! Small glass geometric terrarium container, featuring one of the most charming Archimedean solids in geometry, all ready to please you with its perfect angles that gives it a unique look from every view. Plant some cactus or succulents (or both!) in it, & place it on your coffee table or mantle to add some modern & minimalistic charm to your home. This piece would also make a perfect storage for small storage needs, like jewelry, keys, pencils, markers & adds some style to plain shelving units in the blink of an eye. WHAT YOU GET Beautiful one glass container perfect for indoor gardening or holiday table decorating, versatile enough to use year-around as a part of your home decor. Can hold candles too. WHO’S IT FOR Green thumbs with a passion for creating terrariums Interior designers & Architects looking for statement pieces for home & office decor You are so close to holiday table perfection this centerpiece is for you Those looking for gifts for architects, interior designers, photographers, math & geometry teachers, trendy homemakers stained Glass Geometric Copper Terrarium Container | Modern Home Decor

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