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Tropical Oasis Terrarium Kit – 6″ Slant Cut Round Glass Flamingos Palm Trees Tiki Hut Hermit Crab

Tropical Oasis Terrarium Kit – 6″ Slant Cut Round Glass Flamingos Palm Trees Tiki Hut Hermit Crab

Artificial succulent terrarium kit. This terrarium is sold as a kit & comes with everything shown in the photo. All items will be carefully packaged for easy assembly. Upon arrival, simply add the gravel to the container, then arrange items as shown in the step by step photos. This kit is very simple to make & have fun while creating something beautiful. It makes a great gift or adds a nice decorative accent to your home or office. No watering or maintenance required. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about assembly when you receive your order. Terrarium kit includes: 6″ diameter slant cut glass globe Sand Rocks (2) Flamingos Hermit crab Tiki hut Wood stepping stones Blue agate slice for water effect Artificial plants & palm trees shown in photo (4) small seashells Photo showing finished product, step by step placement photos & instructions included If you are interested in a terrarium but would like any changes, additions or something removed let me know, I am happy to do that. If you live in the Dallas Tx metroplex area message me to arrange pick-up for fully assembled terrarium I do take requests for more personalized terrariums. If you have an idea of one that you would like let me know & I will work with you to create what you are looking for. Visit my shop to see more artificial succulent terrariums Tropical Oasis Terrarium Kit – 6″ Slant Cut Round Glass Flamingos Palm Trees Tiki Hut Hermit Crab

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