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Miniature Garden Pond, Accessories, Fairy Resin Terrarium, Glass Terrarium Decor

Miniature Garden Pond, Accessories, Fairy Resin Terrarium, Glass Terrarium Decor

This is a beautiful miniature pond which comes with handmade miniature bridge. This Fairy/ Miniature garden pond comes with resin made water feature which is surrounded by faux moss & gravels. The bottom of the pond are having gravels. This is a must-have piece for your fairy garden / miniature garden! FEATURES: – Comes fully assembled – Consists of Miniature HANDMADE Bridge (OPTIONAL) – Made of top quality resin – Can be used in Terrariums, Fairy Garden, Miniature Garden,and it looks so beautiful on your bookshelf too! – This pond is fully HANDMADE – Great for a fairy garden, miniature garden, enchanted garden, your home, office, on a shelf next to you while you work & as a wonderful garden gift PLEASE NOTE This is a handmade product. There may be slight change in color from what’s shown in photos, minor scratches, bubbles, uneven edges, etc. However, each piece is unique & different. I made each product artfully with love & care. Thanks for your support! Stay safe! Please let me know if you have any other queries. Miniature Garden Pond, Accessories, Fairy Resin Terrarium, Glass Terrarium Decor

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