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Large Round 10 Inch Hanging Rope Terrarium With Artificial Plants, Glass Terrarium

Large Round 10 Inch Hanging Rope Terrarium With Artificial Plants, Glass Terrarium

Large lovely 10″ hanging rope terrarium filled with artificial yet vivid & realistic looking green plants. Would be a great addition to any room in your home. It has a layer of multi color stones & filled with bright green artificial plants. A thick jute rope inserted in the terrarium is ready for you to hang in your home or office. The Terrarium is 10″ tall & 10″ wide with an opening in the front & the back of 4.3″. Looks lovely hanging & the pretty clear glass makes it a real showcase in your home. No fuss or watering!! It comes prepared with a knot to hang. Hanging from the ceiling would require a U=Hook as the terrarium has a weight of close to 3 pounds. Hanging from the wall would also require a sturdy hook. Thank you for stopping by & supporting small business owners. Large Round 10 Inch Hanging Rope Terrarium With Artificial Plants, Glass Terrarium

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