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Rutilated Quartz Crystal Chips 4-8mm | Natural Gemstone Chips, Tumbled Quartz, Orgone, Candles, Inlays, Arts & Crafts

Rutilated Quartz Crystal Chips 4-8mm | Natural Gemstone Chips, Tumbled Quartz, Orgone, Candles, Inlays, Arts & Crafts

100% Natural Rutilated Quartz Crystal Chips No Hole/Undrilled, 4-8mm All-Natural, Clean, Grade A Quality crushed crystals for use in art projects, orgone/orgonite creation, crystal grids, jewelry, candles, resin inlay, mosaics, medicine bags, terrarium decor, & whatever unique creation of your imagination! All Crystal Chip bags are carefully packaged & shipped using eco-friendly materials. All Bags are clearly labeled with the name of each crystal, including 3 main beneficial properties. Available in the following sizes: – 1/16lb (1oz) – 1/8lb (2oz) – 1/4lb (4oz) – 1/2lb (8oz) Also available in a 1lb (16oz) size in a separate listing located in the Bulk/1lb category on our shop’s home page. FREE U.S. Shipping on orders 35+ Free Gift when you spend 20+ We gladly accept Returns/Exchanges! Please view our Shop Policies below for more information. We have done our best to provide a diverse collection of photos with references to help you decide if the crystal chips will be the correct size for your unique project! Feel free to message us with any questions you may have about the size of the chips. ✨Properties of Rutilated Quartz✨ Golden rutilated quartz is known for helping to improve the flow of energy within our chakras, stimulating the alignment of our mind, body, & soul. The golden rutilated quartz works well with all chakras, but it mainly works with the solar plexus, the seat of the will. It allows you to use your energy to manifest prosperity & abundance in your life, as well as attune us to our Divine purpose & connection to the spiritual realm. It is well known to help filter negative energies & remove any barriers we may have to spiritual growth & empowerment. Chemical Formula: SiO2 + TiO2 Composition: Silicon, Titanium Dioxide Color: Golden veins throughout a clear matrix [Astrological Sign: ALL] [Associated Chakras: Crown – Sahasrara] ✨ We hope the resources shared here at OpaLight Market may help or inspire you in some way on your journey! Feel free to connect with us through Etsy or Email regarding any questions you may have! Thank you for taking the time to visit OpaLight Market! ✨ Best of health & many Blessings, Jillian & Jaime ✨ STAY CONNECTED ✨ >Instagram: @OpaLightMarket >Facebook: facebook.com/OpaLightMarket >Pinterest: pinterest.com/OpaLightMarket >Website: www.Omofferings.com >Email: [email protected] Rutilated Quartz Crystal Chips 4-8mm | Natural Gemstone Chips, Tumbled Quartz, Orgone, Candles, Inlays, Arts & Crafts

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