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Diy “Bottle Terrarium’ Kit – With Instructional Video

Diy “Bottle Terrarium’ Kit – With Instructional Video

Your kit includes EVERYTHING you need to create your own self-watering garden in a glass jar at home. Including an easy to follow 10 minute video in which our plant expert Lonnie will run you through how to make a beautiful & unique terrarium. Kit Includes -Sealable glass jar with cork lid. Dimensions – Height 16cm, Diameter 10cm -Cork on a stick – the perfect handmade terrarium tool! -Smaller stones for drainage layer -Larger pastel coloured pebbles for decorative use on surface -Houseplant compost -Activated charcoal -2 x Fittonia plants -A few pieces of gorgeous Norwegian bun moss -A 10 minute instructional video – here. -A printed step-by-step guide with pictures -A care guide (further tips can be found here) -Instructions on how you can keep the plants happy til you are ready to use your kit (they will be fine for a day or two without this) -Tips as you go by chatting to us through our instagram @jarandfern -Free delivery by DPD courier. We use a next day service to ensure your plants spend the minimal time in transit possible. We ship orders made up to Sunday evening of each week between Monday – Wednesday, so expect delivery between Tuesday-Thursday. You will receive a tracking link after dispatch.These are delivered via next day courier – DPD. Kits come with simple instuctions on how to keep the plants happy before making your terrarium, although they will be fine for up to 2 days without doing anything. Diy “Bottle Terrarium’ Kit – With Instructional Video

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