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The ‘Lighthouse’ Glass Terrarium

A stunning, high-quality glass terrarium featuring a geometric 'lighthouse' design.

A stunning, high-quality glass terrarium featuring a geometric ‘lighthouse’ design. A statement piece, to be filled with the finest terrarium plants and designs.

The Lighthouse Glass Terrarium comes in; black, copper, and silver. The extra height of this terrarium makes it perfect for those larger terrarium plants. You might create a bonsai terrarium, or fill it with ferns and tropical plants to create a rainforest terrarium.

The important thing to remember about this terrarium is that it is an open terrarium, with an open panel on one side, much like a viewing window. If you are looking to create a high humidity environment, keep this in mind.

Here are some tips for keeping an open terrarium:
1. Make sure the plants in your terrarium are suited for the environment. For example, some plants prefer high humidity while others prefer low humidity.

2. Be sure to water your plants regularly. Terrariums can dry out quickly, especially if they are in a sunny spot and are open. A mister is a great way to keep your terrarium thriving.

Looking for more terrarium information? Check out our terrarium care guide and terrarium plant library.

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