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6 Terrarium Containers Worth Adding To Your Collection

Here are six unique terrarium containers you can find online to create your next DIY terrarium project.

There are many reasons why terrariums make great additions to the home. They are a beautiful way to add greenery and natural life to a room. Here are six unique terrarium containers you can find online to create your next DIY terrarium project.

Mod Vintage Geometric Terrarium Kit

These vintage geometric terrariums are truly one-of-a-kind. Originally designed as light sconces for a 1970’s church, they have been salvaged and are now in limited supply. Each terrarium has a cork bottom for table padding, a smoked glass frame, and a brass-coated copper base. These beautiful and timeless pieces are sure to add a unique touch to any home décor. Available on Etsy >

Sanctuary M Rainforest Cork

Sanctuary M Rainforest Oak Terrarium

Create your own closed terrarium perfect for housing moss and small plants. The Sanctuary M Rainforest Oak, as featured below, is just one example of the stunning terrarium creations you can purchase from Botanica Boutique in Australia.

DIY Waterfall Terrarium Kit

This unique terrarium kit really takes your terrarium to the next level, including an inbuilt water pump and fogger to help you create a stunning waterfall terrarium. A waterfall terrarium is a great way to bring some natural beauty into your home, and this terrarium kit makes it easy to create one. Available on Etsy.

NCYP Geometric Glass House Shape Terrarium

Simple, handmade, and perfect for creating a small house-shaped terrarium. Features a lid for easy access and opening, a simple black frame, and table top sized at 6.1 x 4.33 x 6.3 inches. View on Amazon >

DIY Glass Egg Terrarium Kit

Low maintenance and easy to care for indoor houseplants. The nature of our terrariums means they operate like mini-greenhouses like our precious Earth itself. There are such small nutrients, oxygen, CO2, and water cycle naturally within the self-contained walls of glass. Seller: PancoDesign | Available on Etsy

NCYP Tabletop Natural Wood Board LED Succulents Grow Light

A unique tabletop terrarium container with grow light to keep your terrarium plants thriving. Great for succelents and other terrarium plants that need a good amount of light. Seller: NCYPGarden

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