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The Original Micro Terrarium – New Hot Selling Botanicals Self Sufficient Terrarium Low Maintenance Gift Plant House Moss Rare

The Original Micro Terrarium – New Hot Selling Botanicals Self Sufficient Terrarium Low Maintenance Gift Plant House Moss Rare

The Original Micro Terrarium! When we first set out to modernize terrariums we had no idea how far that would go. Thousands sold across the US on multiple sites, stands, & shops. We had hundreds of thousands of views on our TikToks, FB videos, & more & terrariums started to regain popularity with new twists! We’re proud to have played our own small part in that & welcome you to join us in growing beautiful things! These small wonderful micro terrariums are wonderful self sufficient environments! Bring a touch of the great outdoors inside with this beautiful terrarium. Perfect for small spaces or for adding a bit of greenery to your home or office, this terrarium is a self-sustaining ecosystem that is easy to care for & maintain. Filled with a variety of low-maintenance plants, this terrarium creates a lush & tropical atmosphere that is sure to bring a smile to your face. The plants in the terrarium are chosen for their ability to thrive in the closed environment of the terrarium, so you can enjoy a miniature green oasis without the hassle of caring for multiple plants. in addition to being a beautiful & calming presence in your home, terrariums are also a great way to educate kids about plants & the environment. This terrarium is the perfect gift for the green thumb in your life, or for anyone looking to bring a bit of nature into their home. Dimensions: Height: 1.69 inches Width: 0.82 inches These are micro terrariums, meaning they are small! Each terrarium comes with 1-2 rare moss types & 1-2 common moss types depending on growing season & availability. The micro terrarium model typically needs watered once per week by placing the terrarium in a water dish overnight. Watering & care instructions are included with your purchase. Every terrarium includes live plants so there will be natural variations in appearance. If you have any questions or concerns with your product, please message us & we would be happy to help! Terrarium Closed ecosystem Indoor garden Miniature green oasis Low-maintenance plants Self-sustaining ecosystem Home decor Office decor Kids’ education Green gift Swingler Botanicals is a leader in: Moss Miniature plants Closed terrarium Open terrarium Aquatic terrarium Plant terrarium Terrarium kit Terrarium plants Terrarium care Terrarium design Terrarium backgrounds Terrarium lighting Terrarium furniture Terrarium animals Terrarium water system Terrarium ventilation Terrarium humidity Terrarium drainage Terrarium soil Terrarium accessories Terrarium maintenance Terrarium decor Terrarium gifts Terrarium workshops Terrarium plants for sale Terrarium supplies Terrarium classes Terrarium DIY Glass jar(s) Succulents Bonsai Rare Plants Tropical Plants Plant Care Bespoke Plant Extracts & Products The Original Micro Terrarium – New Hot Selling Botanicals Self Sufficient Terrarium Low Maintenance Gift Plant House Moss Rare

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