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Terrarium Craft Kit Plant Outdoor Miniature Preserverd Moss Glass Geometric Container Supplise Art Garden Design Relaxing Home Decor View

Terrarium Craft Kit Plant Outdoor Miniature Preserverd Moss Glass Geometric Container Supplise Art Garden Design Relaxing Home Decor View

Handmade free Geometric Moss Terrarium Set with Preserved Moss in this completely natural terrarium, carefully preserved moss is used instead of live moss. It looks alive for many years. This preserved moss work of art brings the beauty, peace & naturalness of nature to your homes. The natural elements used in this work of art come from nature & provide you with the visuality of peaceful nature for many years without needing any maintenance. If you keep it out of direct sunlight & do not water it, it will last for years & maintain its freshness. new orders may be delayed by 2-4 days in the stipulated order preparation & completion time. We will notify you if there is any unexpected & uncontrollable cause. We have no plans to rush or even delay our artwork. You can be sure that we will do our best. We have a smooth & safe shipping & packaging capability. Our packages are strong & robust. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our authority & control, it will take 5 to 7 business days to arrive at your doorstep. Your orders from TERRAMOSSIST Gallery will be packed & delivered to cargo in 5-7 working days. (Saturday & Sunday are not counted) The glass thickness in our artwork is 3mm, durable & high quality. It has a seamless hinge mechanism glass door with the latest technology. 100% safe arrival guarantee. If it arrives broken or defective, NOTIFY US WITHIN 48 HOURS according to the specified delivery time in case of tracking We will quickly assess this Issue & rest assured we will find the best alternatives to resolve the issue. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. Please note that this 100% handmade glass container & moss pieces cannot be 100% identical & perfect. You will appreciate that this is a handicraft. but the closest models of the product samples you see in the pictures will be sent. There may be minor minor scratches or accidental fingerprints on the glass. We will ship as fast as we can, but rare delays caused by unavoidable & unexpected reasons such as customs delay or natural disasters are not within our control. Size (Glass Vessel): smalls 110mm x 110mm x 240mm Wood stand 170mm x 170mm Led light 3 watt Size (Glass Vessel): large 150mm x 150mm x 340mm Wood stand 300mm x 300mm Led light 3 watt ABOUT TAX & DUTIES EU-GB If you are from EU & UK region, there is an import duty / tariff imposed by your region’s customs starting from 1st July 2021. Etsy’s statement & policy regarding import duty: https://help.etsy.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015691007-Who-Pays-For-Customs-Fees-?segment=shopping Terrarium Craft Kit Plant Outdoor Miniature Preserverd Moss Glass Geometric Container Supplise Art Garden Design Relaxing Home Decor View

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