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stained Glass Terrarium Clock – 20cm X 7cm Air Plant Holder Mothers Day Valentines Just For Me

stained Glass Terrarium Clock – 20cm X 7cm Air Plant Holder Mothers Day Valentines Just For Me

A triangular Terrarium Clock made from clear glass & solder. It is sized to fit almost anywhere in the home, for instance office desks, windowsills, mantelpieces, bed-side tables & coffee tables. It is designed to be used with an air plant placed inside, but looks just as nice empty. Using traditional techniques, each terrarium is hand-crafted to an exacting standard. The front glass panel has been drilled to fit the clock mechanism. The clock is powered by 1 x AA battery (not included). Clear plastic feet are attached to the base of the clock to protect surfaces. Please note that this terrarium is not supplied with any air plants but they are readily available from garden centres, nurseries or online. You can order the terrarium empty or with your choice of coloured gravel, which will be supplied in a small bag at no extra charge. To clean, use warm soapy water & a soft cloth. Avoid wetting clock mechanism. Measurements: 20cm high x 20cm wide x 7cm deep. The Glass Process I trace the shapes of the design onto the glass using a specially made light box which illuminates the glass from behind. With the shapes traced out I will use a diamond tipped glass scorer which creates a weak point in the glass. Some carefully applied pressure will cause the glass to break along the scored lines. If any excess occurs, I use my glass grinder to smooth the glass back to the correct lines of the design. The glass is then washed, dried & I apply a special copper tape to every side of each piece of glass. I assemble all of the taped pieces into the correct design & use a soldering iron to apply solder onto the tape. The piece is then washed again to remove any corrosives & dried. The final stage is to paint the solder with a chemical which turns it black & clean everything ready for purchase. stained Glass Terrarium Clock – 20cm X 7cm Air Plant Holder Mothers Day Valentines Just For Me

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