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Mother Earth Figurine, Statue, Nature, Gaia, Pagan, Nature Terrarium, Terrarium Kit, Christmas Gift

Mother Earth Figurine, Statue, Nature, Gaia, Pagan, Nature Terrarium, Terrarium Kit, Christmas Gift

Mother Earth Figurine, Mother Earth Statue, Balance of Nature, Mother Nature, Gaia, Witch Pagan, Mother Nature terrarium, Terrarium Kit, Christmas Gift, Christmas terrarium, Mother Earth Millennial Gaia Figurine Statue Pagan Goddess Figurine Wiccan Ornament features summer, spring & autumn seasons. Sculpted & made from clay & preserved moss. Entirely Handmade. (H) 29.5 x (D) 18cm Our Terrarium is a great way of creating your own miniature jungle without leaving your home! Terrariums have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially with those that don’t have too much space. Our Terrarium acts like a ‘mini-greenhouse’, a small, enclosed environment for plants. Together with the soil, the plants expel vapour, recycling the water. The condensation is collected onto the walls of the terrarium & flows down to the soil. But This terrarium is made with preserved moss, which is naturally preserved from harvested moss, they will not grow but stay green forever without soil & water. This Terrariums are self-nourishing & require no maintenance. The glass jar is made of 100% recycled glass. We are firm believers that looking after living beings improves the way we look after ourselves & as a consequence better our mental health. Closely observing the development & caring for a terrarium can naturally promote our own self-care. in addition, building a terrarium is a great activity to do with kids & a fun way of teaching them how an ecosystem works. A great gift for anyone (including yourself!) This terrarium will look stylish in any home. Easy to care for & no big spaces required. Mother Earth Figurine, Statue, Nature, Gaia, Pagan, Nature Terrarium, Terrarium Kit, Christmas Gift

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