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Air Plant Beach Terrarium/Blown Glass Volcanic Island 6×6″/ All Occasion Gift

Air Plant Beach Terrarium/Blown Glass Volcanic Island 6×6″/ All Occasion Gift

“Volcanic Island” Air Plant Terrarium Hand blown glass melted over gamal wood, custom made by Bali artisans & designed by Port Dr. We design beach themed, blown glass terrariums, mixed with a variety of natures finest creations. Each design will include a combination of an air plant or flower – shells, rocks/crystals, driftwood, pebbles and/or preserved moss. These pieces were created to bring nature indoors, with a beach serenity ambience. It also makes for great gifts, & easy to care for! Each display is unique & one of a kind, no two are the same. TERRARIUM KIT INCLUDES: 1 Hand blown glass melted over gamal wood set 1 Air plant – Shape & size vary 3 Volcanic rocks 1 Small piece of coral 1 Infinity love charm Sand – Black & blue Moss – Green Assembly & care instruction card SPECIFICATIONS: Approximate Opening Diameter: 2-3″ Approximate Size: 6wx6h” (Width & height may vary between 1-2 inches) DISCLAIMER: Each glass & wood piece vary in shape. The display shown, is one of many variations we carry in stock. Bubbles and/or ripples, & minor imperfections are a normal result of the hand blown glass process. HOW TO: https://youtu.be/bzIE5NzQCi8 100% Handcrafted 100% Nature Inspired 100% Made with Love For other designs, please go to www.portdr.etsy.com Air Plant Beach Terrarium/Blown Glass Volcanic Island 6×6″/ All Occasion Gift

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