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Aqua Mist – Ceramic Planter With Resin Crystals & Artificial Succulent

Aqua Mist – Ceramic Planter With Resin Crystals & Artificial Succulent

Light aqua resin crystals on a white ceramic planter. With silver foil accents & hologram glitter accents. This planter comes complete with this artificial succulent. This succulent is mounted in the planter & cannot be removed. One of a kind handcrafted geode planter. All resin or concrete planters are hand poured & handcrafted. Each piece has its own design of jagged edges for a rough unique look. Crystals are hand poured as well & each color is created individually so shades my vary. Metallic foil & glitter accents are then added surrounding the crystals. Please note this means there may be natural caused air bubbles which gives each piece its own character since each one is handmade. 4″x4″ I love making these because of the individual & unique look I can give to each one. No two will every be exactly the same. Aqua Mist – Ceramic Planter With Resin Crystals & Artificial Succulent

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