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Seed Pantry Grow Pod Two With Pack

Seed Pantry Grow Pod Two With Pack

PRODUCT DETAILS The automated Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 with adjustable LED grow light produces year round fresh food . Grow herbs, flowers, salads & vegetables indoors. Complete with adjustable LED grow light & a control system that lets you know when to water, using an indicator light, the grow pod 2 gift set is a smart system for growing plants quicker indoors. Ready to eat organic kitchen produce or enjoy growing flowers too. This wonderful gift comes with a get started Grow Pack & seed kit including: Italian basil & sweet cherry tomatoes. You don’t need to be a gardener or green fingered, the Seed Pantry grow pod does the work for you! It’s perfect for growing fresh ingredients of herbs, salads, & vegetables in your kitchen or sits neatly on your desktop at work! If you love cooking & knowing where your food comes from this grow pod is essential for having ultra-fresh ingredients ready to pick. Included with your Grow Pod 2: Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 with smart controller that tells you when to water Adjustable LED grow light plus timer feature & control system Grow Pod 2 base with 1.2L water reservoir & x2 hydroponic grow pots with seed spacer covers Plug in power adaptor – UK mains supply Get started user guide Starter Grow Pack includes: x2 seed packs; varieties: Italian Basil, Cherry Tomatoes Advanced grow medium with nutrients made from: An innovative hydroponic indoor garden, the Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 with Grow Pack & quality seed kit comes in a stylish gift box packed & wrapped for protection using recycled packaging. dimensions: Seed Pantry grow pods are L26.5cm x W11.5cm x H11.5cm Weight: 1.2kg Start growing from anytime. Instructions included. Seed Pantry Grow Pod Two With Pack

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