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Interior Plant Lighting System | Garden Led Light Pot

Interior Plant Lighting System | Garden Led Light Pot

Solid Wood & Raw Steel Interior Plant Lighting System with Integrated DEL SunBlaster Grow Light. Your Choice of WOOD ESSENCE: -Black Walnut; -White Oak. Your Choice of DIMENSIONS: WIDTH: -28” (24” LED); -40” (36” LED). TOTAL HEIGHT (Legs are 5” tall): -24”; -32”; -40”. Your Choice of POT BASE Shape: -7” Disks (2 Disks for 28” Wide System, 3 Disks for 40” Wide System); -Rectangle (7” Deep x 28” or 7” Deep x 40”) Au plaisir, Martin Don’t Forget to Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest! www.facebook.com/ateliereastendmtl www.facebook.com/hairpinlegsmontreal www.instagram.com/atelier_east_end_mtl www.pinterest.com/eastendmtl 1-514-660-9891 | [email protected] Interior Plant Lighting System | Garden Led Light Pot

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