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Tiger’s Eye Heart Palm Stone, Gemstone, Natural Stone 55mm

Tiger’s Eye Heart Palm Stone, Gemstone, Natural Stone 55mm

Our team have worked hard together to bring this beautiful & amazing Tiger’s Eye Heart lPalm Stone. Measurements: 55mm Height 60mm Width Perfect for crafting your own crystal grid, jewellery & exilir making & decoration. Palm stones are polished oval stones that can be used for meditation & many other healing practices. They are called palm stones stones for the simple fact they fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. Special Gift Choice: Perfect for crystal & gemstone collectors or Yoga practitioner as present on birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter or Father’s Day. I This Tiger’s Eye Heart Palm Stone is the perfect craft material for constructing crystal grids or terrariums! You can use it for amazing jewelry creations or many other purposes. Color shades & sizes can vary on all natural stones, please allow for slight variations. Tiger’s Eye Heart Palm Stone, Gemstone, Natural Stone 55mm

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