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Amethyst Plant Holder With Air – Tillandsia Gemstone Healing Stone Display Raw Crystal Gift For Friends

Amethyst Plant Holder With Air – Tillandsia Gemstone Healing Stone Display Raw Crystal Gift For Friends

We combined the natural beauty of amethyst & air plants to create this unique piece. You will be given the option to personalize your crystal holder by adding beads to base of the wire that supports the air plant This amethyst crystal air planter with fuzzy air plant (Tillandsia ) makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones or yourself! Amethyst has long been the crystal for intuition, balance, & positive energy. Get the benefits of crystals & live plants in one. & will beautify your space & give you that zen feeling you are looking for. What are Air plants? Air plants are an incredible genus of plants with the ability to live without soil! Their specially adapted leaves absorb water & nutrients from the air, allowing them to live anywhere in nature, including suspended from treetops & bare rock. Found in South America & the southern United States, air plants have an amazing variety of shapes, colors, & sizes! Air plant care: Growing air plant is fun & easy! Your air plant will last you a very long time if you take really good care of It. This crystal air plant will do well anywhere indoor with indirect sunlight & good air circulation. Home & office fluorescent lighting are great too. Mist it once a week & your plant will thrive indoor. This listing includes: 1 Live air plant/ Tillandsia 1 Natural amethyst approx ( 2″ – 3″) air plant holder 1 Gift box 1 Air plant care card Each crystal is unique & different. Amethyst Plant Holder With Air – Tillandsia Gemstone Healing Stone Display Raw Crystal Gift For Friends

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