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Set Of 3 Chevron Moss Wall Art, Geometric Panel, Preserved Rustic Decor

Set Of 3 Chevron Moss Wall Art, Geometric Panel, Preserved Rustic Decor

Handmade Set of 3 Chevron moss art, Geometric Moss Wall, Large moss art, Home office moss wall decor, Preserved moss wall art Greenery Wall PanelUpgrade our home or office settings with these exquisite pieces of lifelike art. This handmade collection made for reindeer preserved moss (Chartreuse color) combined with green mountain preserved moss H 16″ W 16″ Deep 1.5″ Each frame Wood frame Buy it, hang it, & enjoy! IMPORTANT CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Beautiful moss does not require watering, pruning or regular feeding, but you need to know about some of the care features. It is recommended to maintain an optimal humidity level in the room; the air should not be dried out. Severe drought has a negative impact on the elasticity of the material. It is important to protect this decor from direct sunlight, especially in the summer. The rays can cause pigmentation on delicate vegetation. Set Of 3 Chevron Moss Wall Art, Geometric Panel, Preserved Rustic Decor

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