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12×16″+ Moss Art Work, Art, Preserved Art. Home Decor

12×16″+ Moss Art Work, Art, Preserved Art. Home Decor

The Lush Collection – HORIZONTAL. An array of lush preserved mosses & ferns, encased in a handmade, hardwood natural or aluminum frame will make a perfect addition to your space. Each created piece will be unique & special in its own way but will follow the same design footprint as what you see in the pictures. Your moss art is guaranteed to be an eye-catching, conversational piece for years to come. This unique, handcrafted art piece is made from a variety of real preserved moss, which requires NO MAINTENANCE. No water, grow lights, or fertilizers are required. Display, admire & enjoy. SHIPPING: Feel confident when purchasing from us! Our moss art pieces are packaged tightly & securely & is guaranteed not to shift in the box during transit. in case something becomes loose due to the carrier’s mishandling, we include repair glue & instructions in each package. Boxes are custom-made to fit the size of each frame. Each Whitehaus Living moss art piece is fully insured for the full purchase price (including your shipping costs). Shipped UPS with tracking & confirmation. Hanging hardware is attached. Do not display in direct sunlight. No water, grow lights, or fertilizers are required. Low/bright light areas are fine. 20-50% humidity. Care instructions included. If you have any specific requests for this piece, please let me know. 12×16″+ Moss Art Work, Art, Preserved Art. Home Decor

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