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5 Easy to Care for Terrarium Plants and Where to Buy

If you're looking for an easy to care for indoor plant, a terrarium is a great option. Here are 5 easy to care for terrarium plants, along with where to buy them.

If you’re looking for an easy to care for indoor plant, a terrarium is a great option. These miniature ecosystems can be created with a variety of plants, and they only require a small amount of maintenance. Here are 5 easy to care for terrarium plants, along with where to buy them.

Fittonia albivenis (Nerve Plant)

Fittonia is a tropical plant that can be grown as a houseplant in terrariums. It has beautiful leaves with red, white, or pink veins. Fittonia can be purchased online or at a local garden nursery. When looking online, there are three great places to search: Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. All three websites offer a wide variety of plants for sale. You can also find Fittonia at your local garden nursery. Check the nursery’s website or call ahead to see if they have Fittonia in stock. Read more about Fittonia in our care guide for Fittonia in terrariums.

Where to Buy: Etsy > | eBay > | Amazon >

Pilea involucrata (Moon Valley Friendship Plants)

Moon Valley Friendship Plants, also known as Pilea involucrata, are tropical plants that can be grown in terrariums. These plants do best when they receive bright light and occasional waterings. In order to care for Moon Valley Friendship Plants in terrariums, you should place the plant in an area where it will receive lots of light. Moon Valley Friendship Plants can be purchased online or at a local garden nursery. Read more about Moon Valley Friendship plants in our care guide.

Where to Buy: Etsy > | eBay > | Amazon >

Boston Ferns

Boston ferns are a popular choice for terrariums, as they require relatively little care and can thrive in moist environments. If you’re thinking of adding a Boston fern to your terrarium, here’s what you need to know about care and where to buy them. You can read more about Boston Ferns in terrariums in our Boston Fern Terrarium Care Guide.

Where to Buy: Etsy > | eBay > | Amazon >

Syngonium Arrowhead (podophyllum) in Terrariums

Syngonium Arrowhead (podophyllum)

If you are looking for an interesting and low-maintenance plant to add to your terrarium, consider the Syngonium Arrowhead. Syngonium arrowhead plants grow well in medium to low light, thriving in most indoor and terrarium environments. This easy-to-care-for vine thrives in humid environments and can quickly cover the sides of your terrarium with its lush green leaves. Read more about Syngonium Arrowhead in our care guide for keeping Arrowheads in terrariums.

Where to Buy: Etsy > | Amazon > | eBay >

Syngonium Pixie - Caring for Syngonium Pixie in Terrariums

Syngonium Pixie

This dwarf variety maintains the well known arrow-shaped leaves of Syngonium Arrowheads while staying compact. Perfect as a small indoor plant or terrarium plant. Syngonium Pixie prefers moist, but not wet, soil and high humidity levels. In order to care for this plant in a terrarium, it is important to create a humid environment by using a water tray or misting the plants regularly. Read more about Syngonium Pixie in our care guide for keeping Syngonium Pixie in terrariums.

Where to Buy: Etsy > | Amazon > | eBay >

Still not sure what plants to get for your terrarium?

Live moss is a great addition to any terrarium, and it is definitely worth considering if you are looking for something new to add that is farily easy to care for. Not only do these plants look beautiful in a garden, but they also help to keep the soil healthy and moist. Learn more about the different types of moss suitable for terrariums at our Terrarium Plant Library >

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