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Easy Ways to Sustainably Source Local Moss for Your Terrarium

Tips For Sustainably Sourcing Local Moss for Your Terrarium

Not only does it add a splash of color and life to any terrarium, sourcing moss can be surprisingly easy.

Looking for an easy way to get into the terrarium trend? Moss is a great place to start!

Not only does it add a splash of color and life to any terrarium, sourcing moss sustainably can be surprisingly easy. In this post, we will discuss some easy ways to find and harvest local moss for your terrariums. So read on, and get ready to create some beautiful living landscapes!

Infographic: Tips For Sustainably Sourcing Local Moss for Your Terrarium

Where can I find moss growing naturally?

One of the best places to find moss is in the wild! If you have a forest or bush area nearby, take a walk and see if you can spot any areas where moss is growing. If you live in an urban area, check your local park or green space. If you are taking moss from the environment, always be conscious of how much you take, and who/what you are taking it from – moderation is key.

What kind of conditions should I look for?

Moss is a low-maintenance plant, but it does have some specific requirements. Look for shady, moist areas – moss loves these conditions!

Look for nooks and crannies where moss is likely to grow. Moss loves to grow on rocks and between paving stones. You might also find moss growing on a wall in a shady area.

What time of year can I harvest moss?

You can actually harvest moss any time of year! However, spring and fall are the best times to collect moss, as the conditions are usually more ideal.

How do I harvest the moss?

Carefully remove the moss from its location, taking care not to damage the surrounding vegetation. Once you have a good amount of moss, it’s time to head home and get started on your terrarium!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when harvesting moss:

  • Try to avoid disturbing the surrounding vegetation too much, as this can damage the delicate ecosystem.
  • If you’re using tools to harvest the moss, sterilize them before and after use to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Be sure to collect from a variety of different locations, as this will help to ensure a healthy population of moss.

I can’t find any moss, now what!

Ask Around For Local Moss

Another great way to find moss is to ask around. Many gardeners and plant enthusiasts are happy to share their extra moss with others. So if you know someone who has a lush, green lawn or a beautiful garden, they may be willing to let you take some of their excess moss. Just be sure to ask first! Local nurseries, garden centers, and even your neighbors may be able to point you in the right direction.

Look Online for Moss Suppliers

If you’re still having trouble finding moss, there are a number of online suppliers that can ship moss right to your door. This is a great option if you want to get started on your terrarium right away, or if you need a specific type of moss for your project.

Etsy is a great place to look for live moss. There are a number of different sellers who offer mosses from all over the world, so you’re sure to find something that you like. Just make sure to check the seller’s feedback and ratings before you make a purchase, and any restrictions on shipping live moss into your current location. One great thing about Etsy is there are often local sellers in your area or state who can quickly and easily ship or even door drop your live moss orders. Search ‘Live Moss’ on Etsy >

Live Moss on eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are also great places to buy live moss. Just like with Etsy, be sure to check seller feedback ratings and any shipping restrictions before you make a purchase. You may need to be willing to pay a bit more for quality moss from a trusted seller on eBay or Amazon, but it is certainly worth it when you find just the moss you are looking for.

Search ‘Live Moss’ on eBay >

Search ‘Live Moss’ on Amazon >

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