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Ready to fly: The Colony Mini (Normal design) – A botanical sculpture collection by TerraLiving, Preserved Moss Terrarium

Ready to fly: The Colony Mini Terrarium

The Rainforest Colony Mini from TerrarLiving is a 100% real preserved moss art in a terrarium handcrafted in Melaka, Malaysia.

Moss can be preserved in a number of ways, including drying, pressing, and freezing. Preserving moss is a way to preserve its natural shape and color, and it can be used for a variety of purposes, including crafts, décor, and even as a part of a terrarium.

The Rainforest Colony Mini Terrarium from TerrarLiving is a 100% real preserved moss art in a terrarium handcrafted in Melaka, Malaysia, serving as a long-lasting, maintenance-free plant gift or home decor. The Rainforest – Colony Mini is part of a desktop botanical sculpture collection by TerraLiving

What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss is a type of moss that has been treated so that it will not grow or change color. This treatment usually involves using freezing or drying the moss.

Preserved moss is often used in arts and crafts, or to add a natural look to gardens and other outdoor spaces.

ZERO Mosses (100% real moss) were cultivated in a greenhouse to their peak health, then sent into a lab for freeze-drying and preservation. They look fresh, soft to touch, and lively for years even though they are biologically inactive. This is how many scientists store plants in herbarium or “plant museums” for decades.

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