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Sanctuary M Rainforest Cork

Moss Terrariums by Botanica Boutique

Create your own closed terrarium perfect for housing moss and small plants with the Sanctuary terrarium range from Botanica Boutique.

Sanctuary M Rainforest Oak Terrarium

Create your own closed terrarium perfect for housing moss and small plants. The Sanctuary M Rainforest Oak, as featured below, is just one example of the stunning terrarium creations you can purchase from Botanica Boutique in Australia.

Moss Terrariums by Botanica Boutique
Sanctuary M Rainforest Cork

Botanica is an Australian design team specialising in object creation for the style-conscious and miniature garden lover! 

Botanica Boutique

Designed in Australia by Simon Zappia & Lesley Williams, the Sanctuary collection features a range of different sizes, and options for open and closed top terrarium enclosures. You can choose from different inserts to ensure the perfect environment, depending on if you are growing moss or plants.

Botanica Boutique also offers moss for sale that can be delivered online in Australia to help you create your terrarium quickly and easily.

Check out their website for a range of enclosed terrarium and miniature garden accessories.

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