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Glass Terrariums & Plants You Can Get at Bunnings

Bunnings is a fantastic place to get all your gardening needs, and that includes glass terrariums, terrarium plants, and terrarium materials.

Bunnings is a fantastic place to get all your gardening needs, and that includes glass terrariums, terrarium plants, and terrarium materials.

There is a range of terrarium options available at Bunnings, where you can find plenty of terrarium plants and materials, so we have highlighted some of our favourites below.

Glass Terrariums from Bunnings

Closed Terrarium Bottles

Create your own DIY terrarium with these closed terrarium bottles from Bunnings. They include a cork lid to keep your terrarium enclosed, and come in a variety of sizes. View here >

Half Open Terrarium Bottle

Not all terrariums need to be enclosed. You can also find half-open terrarium bottles at Bunnings which are great for creating open terrariums featuring hanging plants and ferns. View here >

Urban Wild Open Terrarium Glass Bottle

A simple terrarium glass bottle from Bunnings with a cork lid and hole in the glass to allow for some airflow. This open-style bottle terrarium is 140mm in width and 250mm in height, making it the perfect size for a mini terrarium garden. View here >

Bunnings Premade Terrariums

Bunnings has a great selection of premade terrariums both large and small that are ready for you to place in your home wherever suits. Be sure to take good care of these premade terrariums by keeping in well-lit areas, watering well, and giving the occasional trim to keep your plants compact. View here >

Terrarium Kits from Bunnings

Kit Out DIY Terrarium Bowl with Stand

An easily assembled terrarium kit that makes for a great DIY project and an even better tabletop centerpiece or indoor garden addition. This terrarium kit from Bunnings includes a wooden stand and an open terrarium glass bowl design. View here >

Crafted Hanging Macrame Terrarium Kit

Create your very own hanging terrarium with this DIY Macrame Terrarium Kit from Bunnings. Makes for a great gift, and an enjoyable craft project at home. View here >

Watch Me Grow Terrarium Jar

Something for the family, the Watch Me Grow Terrarium Project is a fantastic gift and perfect for the kids. Let them go wild creating their own unique terrarium, including grass seeds, glow in the dark stickers, and easy-to-follow instructions. View here >

Terrarium Plants from Bunnings

Bottle Babies – Terrarium Plants

Bunnings has a variety of small terrarium plants available, often found in the plant section of your local store. View here >

Can I Buy Terrariums & Terrarium Materials Online?

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and online garden stores are usually the easiest places to find terrariums and terrarium materials online.

What Will You Need?

It will depend on the design you choose. There are some tools and bits and pieces that could work great for your new terrarium table design. Check out some of these items below, they might be just what you need to get started.

Interested in terrariums? Check out more terrarium designs and creations on our home page.

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