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Solid Cherry Wardian Case With Drawer, Terrarium For Plants, Succulents, Or Herbs

Solid Cherry Wardian Case With Drawer, Terrarium For Plants, Succulents, Or Herbs

Terrarium Case- Our terrariums are precision cut from solid cherry, assembled with multiple forms of joinery, & meticulously sanded. Natural oil hardens the wood & creates a moisture resistant barrier. Magnetic catches keep acrylic glass in place while also allowing for easy removal & cleaning if maintenance becomes necessary. Likewise, if plants grow large than the glass may be removed for an open structure. This piece has an open-air top & measures approximately 24″ wide, 16″ deep, & 20″ tall. Each terrarium includes a heavy duty, commercial grade, bpa free plastic grow tray. Growstones & mesh screens are included. Wood species: We use responsibly sourced domestic hardwoods. Cherry is often light & orangish in color but will darken to a deep red orange over time. Sustainability: We believe sustainability is a work/life commitment. Our lumber is responsibly sourced; we use lumber from fallen trees or those removed for remedial services. Utilizing the highest levels of craftsmanship, we aim to make heirloom objects with the wood we acquire. We believe in wasting nothing – our scraps are sanded & smoothed into wood blocks or grilling planks. Shipping: Packaging each terrarium is an hours long process ensuring its safety to your doorstep. We pack each piece using biodegradable peanuts & soy-based plastics that naturally decompose. We are happy to customize sizes, drawers, roof styles, etc. Send us a message. Thanks! INTERNATIONAL ORDERS MAY BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEES. PLEASE REQUEST A QUOTE Solid Cherry Wardian Case With Drawer, Terrarium For Plants, Succulents, Or Herbs

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