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Moss Wall | Green Wall Art Preserved Moss Plant Decor 45×45 Grey Frame

Moss Wall | Green Wall Art Preserved Moss Plant Decor 45×45 Grey Frame

This listing is for ONE 45×45″ moss wall art piece. The frame is ¾” wide & 2″ deep, stained grey. choose with or without a manzanita branch in the center. If you want to match the images – please purchase multiples, & we will make the designs work together. WabiMoss creates brilliant moss wall art using only real, preserved moss & ferns. The plants maintain their vibrant color, but require zero care! This means that there’s no watering, no replacing, no extra costs, & no stress! We understand that nature is not only beautiful, but meditative as well. Our moss wall art strives to bring the rich beauty of nature indoors through its vibrant green hues, its rolling hills of moss, & its variety of textures & shapes. Our moss art is like a piece of the forest floor, nestled in your space. Enjoy the soothing aesthetic of our artwork in your home or office, & bring the beauty of nature indoors! Our frames are built ready to install (no need for hanging hooks), so all you need is a nail/screw to install your piece. Please note that each piece is unique & may look different than the one pictured. For more information on this, please refer to our FAQ section. For indoor use only. Not in direct sunlight. Do not water. Moss Wall | Green Wall Art Preserved Moss Plant Decor 45×45 Grey Frame

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